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Sealcoating your Pavement: is it Necessary?

Did you ever had the experience of having cracks and potholes in your driveway even though it was recently done? If you did, then have your pavement rechecked by a professional simply because it may not have had the proper sealant. Excessive high temperatures during summer time, year-round humidity, followed by strong winds and heavy stormy rains may take a toll on your parking lots. Moreover, leaking fluids and oil usually from vehicles tend to damage asphalt as well. As such, it is more economical for you to hire business firms that offer asphalt repair services to have a look at your pavement. There are several companies like these such as the Baltimore seal coating.

There are many elements to be considered if you want to determine why your asphalt parking pavement is easily damaged. The most common causes is the sun and oxidation process. The sun emits harmful ultraviolet rays that speeds up the oxidation process hence there is a need for a proper sealcoating. As soon as asphalt is put into the road, its deterioration process slowly begins. This phenomenon leads to a brittle surface that will eventually crack under strenuous pressure. These cracks allow rain and oxygen to penetrate the deeper parts of the pavement making the road weaker. Laying down a good sealcoat helps prevent damage and lessen the pavements exposure to oxygen and water extending its life.

Secondly, oils and other fluid spills from vehicles also cause the speedy damage of roads. Water easily softens the base leading to sink holes, depressions and larger cracks which will cause more expensive repairs. In places where there is winter, water can freeze under the road and as such it expands leading to brittle surfaces and creating large depressions and sinkholes. Hence, it is essential to have a sealcoat on your asphalt pavement to prevent water and oil from easily penetrating the surface.

Having said it earlier, sealcoating makes the asphalt binders stay together by providing a protective layer over the surface of the asphalt. One of its most important functions is to prevent pavement from being worn down. A high quality sealcoat possesses the right amount of additives along with fine sand that serves as an aggregate to make it more durable and less slippery. In areas where there is heavy traffic and more travelled by cars and motorbikes, it is highly essential to have a second coat of sealcoat to make sure that the road is more equipped to resist the key elements of pavement wear down. A good sealcoat by professionals ensures a longer lifespan of the roads and will save you a lot of money because you will no longer have to do regular check-ups and maintenance repairs.

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